Your favorite television themes and commercial jingles from yesteryear come to life on stage when you walk through the doors of the Vinyl Arcade.   Hear radio hits and musical memories from 70s and 80s that you know and love but might not have heard performed since WGCL, Uncle Vic, Channel 61, and the Buzzard ruled the airwaves.  Enjoy visual eye candy that's sure to bring back memories from when Lawson's and Fazio's had your deli meats, Cleveland Municipal Stadium was rocking (... at least some of the time), Intellivision and Atari ruled your television, and a game of Galaga only set you back a quarter.

Vinyl Arcade is a unique Cleveland-based cover band featuring classic television themes, radio hits, and commercial jingles from the 70s and 80s.  One of America's first television theme cover bands, it's members include Cleveland music scene veterans Keith Martin and Jim Eichenser, as well as Edward Douglas from the pioneering horror music act, Midnight Syndicate.


This video was recorded at the Diamondback Tavern in January of 2018.  For more videos, visit our Facebook or YouTube pages!


KEITH MARTIN (Guitars/Vocals/Bass)

Favorite games: Tempest, Vanguard, Donkey Kong, Mr. Do, Joust

Favorite bands: Kiss, Van Halen, ELO, Cheap Trick, Foo Fighters,  Eagles, Joe Walsh, Pat Travers, Gary Moore

Equipment of Choice: Gibson guitars, Fender guitars, Kramer guitars, Marshall amps, Peavey amps, D'Addario strings, Dimarzio pickups, Dunlop picks, Boss pedals


EDWARD DOUGLAS (Bass/Keys/Vocals)

Favorite games: Haunted House Pinball, Dig Dug, Galaga, Karate Champ, Rolling Thunder, Double Dragon, Star Wars

Favorite bands: Beatles, Black Sabbath, ZZTop, ELO, Sisters of Mercy, Eagles, King Diamond, Enya, Kiss, Rammstein, Chicago, Four Seasons, Beach Boys, Journey, Jethro Tull, The Cars

Equipment of Choice: Fender guitars, Roland keyboards, Hartke amps, D'Addario strings, Boss pedals

JIM EICHENSER (Drums/Vocals)

Favorite game: Missile Command

Favorite bands: Rush, Genesis, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Billy Joel, Yes, Twenty-One Pilots, Chicago, Dream Theater, Police, America, Weezer, Steely Dan

Equipment of Choice:  Gretsch drums, Zildjian and Paiste cymbals, Gibraltar hardware, LP Percussion, Protection Racket cases, Evans heads, Kickport and Vater accessories


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